Thursday, June 15, 2006

Enrolment Nightmare

I am here queuing for enrolment. No one can imagine how im feeling now. Severe perspiration, aching legs, noisy students, not to mention the unbearable heat... It's like hell brought forth to roast me slowly but surely. Such is the travail of a student in a school that welcomes students like they were gold coins being thrown from heaven. With such a huge number,i wonder how they will cram us into our classrooms sans aircon and sans working electric fans. I can imagine it now. Me consuming heaps of tissue paper for my sweaty face, my eyes slowly drooping from extreme boredness and cursing the fan that wouldn't turn even if i brought my own extension wire. I would be better off with a pinwheel or a pamaypay. Thinking about it now makes me sigh.This is gonna be one hell of an enrolment and a sem.I've been queuing for two days in the endless lines and until now I can't even catch a glimpse of the registrar's office. One thing's for sure. This enrolment seeks to prove that my school is just after money. I mean, I've been a student here since last sem and I can tell you what's our plight in our classrooms every lesson. Aside from the inaudible sounds my teacher makes during lessons, we are not provided with a conducive learning environment. Chairs are not in abundance and we have to 'steal' chairs from other classrooms just to have a seat for our 3-hour lesson.And now, the school's computers are down and I do not have a choice but to return to my apartment and scream my lungs out from frustration. It was a waste of time. GRRR...

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