Thursday, June 15, 2006

Higanteng Dede (Giant Boobs)

Cosmetic surgery is a highly controversial issue in our country today. Cosmetic surgeons are appearing everywhere… from malls to newspaper ads and not to mention the good ‘ol internet. What makes surgery so popular nowadays? It must be increasing vanity related to altered perception on beauty. Yes, that must be the nursing diagnosis for individuals who undergo cosmetic surgery.

I am not totally against plastic surgery. In fact, if I were given a chance such as a free liposuction, I would eagerly grab it, thank you very much. What disturbs me is the obsession of some people with altering their looks completely to match their idols. I once read an article about a girl going under the knife to look like Britney Spears! Let’s just thank the girl she wasn’t considering Michael Jackson as the model for her plastic surgeons to follow.

What’s more disturbing is the ability of plastic surgery to exaggerate anatomical body parts. When I say exaggerate, I mean exxxxxaaaggggeeeerrraaattteee! Have you seen breasts as big as a head, how about breasts that are big as watermelons? You should have seen a newspaper article with a picture of two girls, obviously with silicone-filled breasts as big as the man’s face who was happily posing between their breasts. Did God allow these kind of breasts? If yes, can I have one God please? (grinning)

Plastic surgery, is not completely evil per se. In fact, burn patients and those who have facial scars are elected to have these surgical procedures to enhance their self-concept and hopefully, regain their confidence. But the obsession and dependence of some people to these kind of procedures allows us to alter ourselves to the point of extreme deformities. People will not recognize you anymore, could you imagine that? Today, they will be saying, “Wow you look like Kristine Hermosa!”, next week they will saying, “Wow you look like Angel Locsin”. Let’s just hope they won’t be comparing you to Mahal at the end of the month.

People should recognize the dangers of plastic surgery. These are invasive procedures and are more likely to cause injuries to tissues and skin. Many cases of plastic surgery cases-gone wrong have been reported in the Philippines and have been exposed to the media. Consider a young, successful woman, who decided to have breast augmentation before a trip to Boracay, wishing to have breasts-and-cleavage-to-bare-for guys-to see image who ended up feeling that there were cement bags on her chest. I didn’t exaggerate that. It was subjective data. Can you imagine having cement bags as your breasts? How can you possibly walk or even run? You would be holding on to them like you were carrying two plastic bags of 5 kilos of rice everyday – for the rest of your life! Better get a crane or some heavy equipment to help you with the carrying.

Vanity has blinded many people to the point of exaggeration. I for one, am not against cosmetic surgery. As I said earlier I’d be happy to undergo liposuction when it’s free. But… Yes, there’s that big BUT. I must be referred with the right skills, the right accreditations, the right person at a right need. When I say at a right need, it means I really need to have it (I do actually. Especially under my arms... Yap right there). If one is thinking of going under the knife, he/she should gather information, be aware of the consequences to their health and to their overall image, seek medical advice and most of all, consider exercise and diet, and their financial resources. They must be informed of the risks of the procedure and the aftermath of cosmetic surgery. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look like Catherine Zeta Jones without an empty pocket?
So what can I say about cosmetic surgery? Individuals must comprehend all aspects of cosmetic surgery before embracing it. And that people are unique. You don’t have to go to the extent of looking like a star to be noticed. As the cliché says, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It wouldn’t help much seeing real beauty if you would have no eye bags, extremely long lashes and stretched eyelids won’t it? Beauty, ladies and gentlemen, are only skin deep. Character is more important. Imagine having your grandmother having all that saggy skin but perfectly toned Joyce Jimenez breasts… Brrrr (shivers) scary…


Charles said...

There will always be people in the world who will never be satisfied with how they look. I know this girl who keeps complaining about her legs and butt even though I keep telling her that they're absolutely perfect.

GaRnEt GirL said...

kung ila-lipo din ako ng Belomed o ni Calayan ng libre sa hita at binti ko, tatanggapin ko talaga. pero di naman ibig sabihin nun di ko kayang mabuhay sa kung anong meron ako ngayon.

may nabasa nga pala ko na idol niya si Michael Jackson at pinilit niyang maging kamukha yun si MJ. Yikes noh?

but i agree that plastic surgery is not evil. tignan mo na lang yung sa The Swan. ang problema lang, kapag wala namang sense ang pagpaparetoke eh ginagawa pa rin. i think medyo psychological problem na yun eh, parang si ethel booba.