Monday, June 05, 2006

Twisted and Stainless Longganiza

Just bought two books today... "TWISTED" by Jessica Zafra and "STAINLESS LONGGANISA" by Bob Ong.. Will review this when I have time...Speaking of books, I just finished reading Have Baby Will Date by Andrea Pasion. I will have a review by this week. Just a sneak-peek though, It's about Denise, a photographer, who, after having her first date with this guy, got herself preggy and eventually had to face motherhood amidst her career and 'thriving' social life. Of course, like any Filipina, she had to think about what people will think of her as a single Mom and face the challenges of her deciding not to accept the marriage proposal given to her by the guy who got her preggy in the first place. The book was hilarious (at least for me). Liked the terms she used there... Read about nipple confusion, breastfeeding coach (yes, there is such an individual roaming around the Philippine labor force) and the joys of eating fresh malunggay leaves.
Got to read my books already... Ciao!

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