Monday, June 05, 2006

Word of the Day - TITILLATE

I came across a new word today. I thought I'd share it here for the heck of it.

The word's TITILLATE (tit-il-late).

Now, before you (Pinoys) cook up nasty thoughts and assume this is another coined term wtih any sexual reference, you are wrong. Well, partly. And no, this word does not mean that a man's sexual organ is late. In Filipino, when the word is dissected into two words - TITI and LATE, the former refers to a man's sexual organ and LATE, well, as it is in the english language means delayed or Coming, occurring, or remaining after the correct, usual, or expected time.

According to, it means (1) to stimulate by touching lightly; tickle and (2) to excite (another) pleasurably, superficially or erotically. When used in a sentence, His seminar served to titillate than to enlighten us about the topic.

Now, as a pinoy and after dissection, you would find it a little bit weird to use the word because this is not a word you use everyday. And for women who are nagging about their husband's constant excuse of overtime at the office... When engaging in The "you are in the office more than you spending time with me-and you being tired to do it with me when you come home" talk.. this can be helpful for you. To cite as an example, "Ikaw naman honey, titillate ka na naman!" Although, that's only recommended if you're husband does not understand it's true meaning. Your man would assume that he is late, as usual going home and well, doing that with you.

I think this word will be popularized by party-going adolescents who want to impress their peers. Not to mention those high on the E. They'd be using this word endlessly instead of kiss, hug, necking, pecking and all the other "-ings" in their generation x-language. So instead of the other peer saying "Yes, I'd hug you ever so tightly", he/she will be saying, "Wow that's a new word... Yes, I'd do that gladly".

Some words are used or spoken just for the fun of it. Well, if you want to hype up your sex life, your married life, you can use this word to make lambing to your wife or husband. Not only does it provide a new zest to your life but your partner will be amazed how wide your vocabulary is. So below are some suggested uses of the word. You can add more if you want...

Suggested use:

(1) Honey, will you titillate me before we sleep... I missed you while I was on my business trip.
TRANSLATION : Honey, can you touch me before I sleep coz I miss the person I slept with while I was on my so-called business trip. Actually, I was with my secretary all this while in one of the Hotel Sogo's abundantly popping in Manila.

(2) Bhe, tama na yang pag-titillate mo sa akin.
TRANSLATION : Bhe, let's get it on!

(3) Anong, walang ginagawa ha! Nakita ko you were titillating her!
TRANSLATION : Yari ka, pare!

(4) Mother : Melissa, what are you doing there?
Melissa: Nothing Mom, I'm just titillating (myself).
Mother : What's titillating?
Melissa: Ah nothing. I learnt it in school Mom. It's French for studying.
Mother : I'm glad you're applying what you are learning in school.

So, there it is, a new word for me... and you :)

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