Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bagyo sa Baguio

Florita, the typhoon which is currently affecting the Western part of the Philippines, has claimed ten lives. Baguio and La Union, I believe, are in a state of calamity.

I read in the news that there were a couple of landslides in Baguio. One was in Magsaysay Road. I associate Magsaysay Road to the Slaughter House where we would eat after Sunday Mass. Great food, affordable and clean. I can't imagine how it looks like now though.

It was actually sad looking at the picture of a landslide in Magsaysay Road with an overturned car. I can only imagine what the driver felt when his vehicle fell.

I was also thankful that my plan to go to Baguio was postponed because of our duty in TMC. God must really love me and care for me.

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