Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Complex World of Ladies' Underwear

I am a woman. Duh.

And of course I do wear underwear... Don't leave home without it!

In the ever changing world, panties are also evolving. To cover (or not cover) the female more luxuriously and make them more 'sexier'.

I've always asked myself why some panties and bras have matching prints. If the bra has a floral print, so is the panty. If the bra is black, so is the panty. Sometimes, my boy-friends (not boyfriend) ask me why girl's undies are like that. As a woman, I was surprised I didn't have an answer to that. I hypothesized it must be because it would look better to look at if they come in the same print/color.

Does that mean, we have to completely expose our undies? So that people can see them? If they have the same floral prints? The same color? Or if they're from Bench or divisoria? Is it really relevant in our times to wear different kinds of undies and flaunt their brands? Does it really matter?

There are thongs, g-strings, boxers, hipsters, brief panties, bikini, tangas and so on... And for some reason, panties are covering much more less than it should. I recently went to the mall to buy me some underwear and I was amused with the choices. Although I settled for the regular ones, I was amazed to see the vast choices women have of their panties.

I can't imagine myself wearing all those kinds of panties. In fact, just by looking at them, I find them rather uncomfortable. And I could just imagine myself in one, with all my love handles (bilbil). I will look so terrible!

While browsing in the net before I posted this entry, I found out that there are actually panties associated with nations. There's the Italian panty/ Brazillian panty. It's like a tanga but wider and more comfortable. There are panties named as French cuts. The main characteristics: the waist is low in front (well below the navel), and the leg opening is lower than other styles. I wonder if they have Philippine panties.

What I can't understand with our undies are those see-through ones. If you were to wear one, it's better not to wear one at all since people/ your partner (I assume) will be able to see through it. Thus the name :P. One of my boy-friends told me, it makes women sexier to look at. With the lace and all that net, he says.

(She) It does?

Better get myself one then.

Please do not get me wrong though. I do not have any business with what panty you wear. In fact, by all means, wear any kind of panty you want. And I'll wear mine. If preferences are asked for, I would go for the bikini and boyleg panties that I feel comfortable with.

The most irritating thing about ladies' underwear is the cost. It's expensive. For a bra, one would have to pay more than 300 pesos. For a panty, more than 200 pesos. I'm talking about the high-end panties. The Victorias Secret line which, I can't afford (and probably, nothing will fit me), is one of the most celebrated lingerie line. Top models and celebrities wear these.


Some women, whether their panties came from divisoria or the malls don't really care what panties they wear as long as they're comfortable... And I can't agree more.

Undies shouldn't be exposed anyway so I guess every woman have their right to thier own secret lingerie line. Their style. Their preference. Their colors.

So all the ladies out there. Here's your lingerie line :

[INSERT NAME HERE]'s Secret Lingerie


Paolo said...

pakialaman daw ang panty at bra. lolz. naalala ko 2loy sabi ng prof ko, dapat daw laging maganda suot mong undies ksi mamaya masagasaan ko or maaksidente sa daan tapos dalin ka sa hospital, atleast maganda ang makikita nila at hindi bacon.

Gener said...

WAW! PANTY! wahihih bakit nga ba lagi may bulaklak sa mga panty.... err.. or waihihi... pati din naman brief nag eevolve na din...hindi lang panty... wahaha

Sayote Queen said...

paolo and gener .. maraming salamat sa pagkomento! paolo - tama ka! sinabihan na din ako niyan ng teacher ko nun. kaya sinisigurado kong walang butas ang panty ko pag lumalabas ako. wakokoko! to gener -- oo nga eh nageevolve na talaga nuh. andami na ring varieties... hehehe

icarus_05 said...

ahihi.. ang kulit.. ehehe.. more!! Ahihi

chie said...

takot din ako dun! kung sakaling maaksidente ako *knock on wood* tapos kailangang gupitin ang damit ko, therefore exposing my undies... na may butas pala or exposed na ang garter! di pa makakatulong kung kagwapuhan ang attending doctor or ang rescuer.. ngii. the horror!

argh mahal talaga ng mga panties at bra. kahit mumunting piraso pa ng tela yan. dati dun pa ko umoorder sa avon at triumph, through the catalogs na pinamumudmod ng tita mo or ng kapitbahay mo.. pero nung isang beses na napagtripan kong maghanap sa department stores (sm at rob), meron rin palang mura na ok rin naman ang quality. tiyagaan lang, kasi nga ang damidaming choices! :)

excited na ko sa analysis mo sa men's underwear. haha :)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Bakit walang pictures? LOL. Joke. Sabagay mas aliw pa rin ang mga undies ng lalaki. Sa babae kasi pag alam mong maganda at kumportable and suot mong undies, kahit wala pang ibang makakakita nyan, makakatulong din yan mag-excude ng confidence. In other words, tayong mga girls ay feeling maganda at sexy din, di ba? :)

Corners and Centers said...

Thanks for dropping by sa blog ko... Nice topic. Link ko blog mo sakin ha?

Anyway... I have a thing about women's under garments. I don't know what is it that makes them special... pero basta.

For example, I love to wear sports bras, pero below naman naka black dressy undies ako. Weird. Wala lang. I even have a drawer full of unused black under garments.

I just believe that it's not in the woman's body... sometimes it could be her lingerie that can make her sexy.

mikkun said...

sa tingin ko lang, kaya may floral print ang karamihan sa mga bra at panty eh para alam mo na sayo ung underwear na yun.

aside from form, instant recognition is another factor. imagine yourself just waking up from a one night stand with a mamma's boy in his family's house, or an amorous romp in the hay from the person you're having an affair with. all of a sudden the missus, or his parents came calling and knocking on the door. both of you get up and out of bed, panic, say your most used expletives, and scramble for the pieces of your attire last night. now wouldn't it be embarassing to find out that you're wearing his briefs when you go home instead of your knickers? and that he'll have hell to pay from his mom/wife once he finds out that he's wearing your -insert brand name here- underwear? XD

the idea of see-through panties is like the phrase 'hiding something in plain sight' depending on the transparency of the underwear's fabric, your partner will be turned on by the fact that although you're wearing see-through underwear, there's still something hidden beneath the fabric, and that the 'prize' is in there somewhere. not technically hidden, and not technically in plain sight, i guess that's why it's a hit among the hormone driven males and the testosterone junkies.

also, some underwear that are called crotchless panties really make your partner's penis instantly go up in 'salute mode' depending on the size of your panty's crotch opening. suffice to say, it's nude, but not quite. so it's another turn on.

i believe that proper underwear wasn't even considered as part of our fashion sense until the spanish came. so i'm really guessing that some of our ancestors walked out of the house with no underthings to consider. if all else fails, do the bahag thing.

and i guess some people preferred to go without sometimes for 'proper ventilation' especially on hot days.

and if you're preference in female underwear would be cotton undies, easy to buy, easier for her to wear all day long, and easiest for me to take off. i like my woman to be comfortable after all.

Sayote Queen said...

Hello visitors! Thank you for your thoughts and opinions on this entry. I am happy to know that this entry affected you in one way or another. :)

I didn't put any pictures here for some obvious reasons. I do not want to be tagged as a mature site. Hehehe.

The mere fact that underwears are evolving points to the fact that the human species' needs are becoming more complex. While everything was so simple before, now, we are overwhelmed with the vast choices we have to make with simple things we can't do without.

Again, thank you co-bloggers :)