Thursday, July 13, 2006

Salute to the Female Species

As a student nurse, it is but normal to witness a woman giving birth. But this week, I witnessed my first three deliveries in the delivery room of Tondo Medical Center.

My first experience in the delivery room made me weak and nauseated.

Although I experienced all that discomfort, it struck me as something beautiful. A few people can truly witness a delivery. I bet if you see one, you will be amazed.

The mere fact that a baby comes out of the woman is almost unbelievable. When a baby is delivered, it is slippery. So the doctor has to hold the baby tightly. The umbilical cord, to my surprise, is not at all soft. I thought that the umbilical cord will have a consistency like jelly, but I was wrong. It's like a softer version of leather.

It's amazing how one event like that can actually leave an impression on me. It makes me appreciate my mother more.

So, I'm telling you, the male species, appreciate and love your woman. You don't know how hard it is to be a member of the female species.


-=kat=- said...

wow...must be a very marvelous experience...

I wonder when I'd get to do such a thing since my course(BSIT) doesn't really bring me any closer to such circumstances. Hmm...

Oh, and I'd have to say 'Amen!' to your last statement, too! ;) Women are indeed extraordinary creatures. :) God bless!

Sayote Queen said...

Hello kat, thanks for the comment. Yes, salute to all the ladies out there :)