Sunday, August 20, 2006

Going Back to Baguio

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy your stay here :) I'll be going back to Baguio today. To visit my family and to visit the sayotes :) so I'll be *out* of the blogging world for a while (or maybe not - for about three days). Anyway, I want to say thank you for all the people who left me messages and comments. I'm very sorry if I can't reply now. But I promise, I'll eventually make it up to all of you.


  • Thank you Kadyo for introducing imagecave to me. Mas maganda nga yun! Ayos!
  • I've updated my photoblog with new pictures.
  • Give me time to link you up. If I forget, please kulitin niyo ako by leaving me a message.

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kamille said...

luving your mew layout. =)

Lalaine said...

Hi, wag mo kalimutan yung pasalubong namin ha? hehe, yung ube jam wag mo kakalimutan, samahan mo na din ng strawberry jam at peanut brittle, hehehe.

yngatz po sa byahe ;).

karmi said...

wow, ganda ng bagong layout!!

pasalubong na strawberries ha!! :)


_ice_ said...

hi ate ganda naman ng blog mo.. ask ko lng pano naging sayote? heheheh

sorbetera said...

will be looking forward to your posts when you ge6t back ^__^

Jinjiruks said...

naks bagu li-awt.. creative ka talaga mamu sayote

Wil said...

have fun in baguio. wish i could go home myself. btw, your pics of the sayote vines look familiar. is that bakakeng district? just wondering.....

*eLLe* said...

wow new layout :)

penge pasalubong :) ingat ka :)