Sunday, August 06, 2006

Miami Vice: Sex and Violence a' Plenty

I'm a fan of action flicks and MIAMI VICE was something we looked forward to. We watched MIAMI VICE yesterday in MegaMall. Behind the massive publicity it has been enjoying and a fabulous soundtrack to boot, I must admit that I was disappointed after watching it.

Sonny Crockett: You got to learn to go with the heart, Rico, it's like life - you just gotta tell yourself that no matter how hot it is, sooner or later there's a cool breeze blowing in.

Det. Ricardo Tubbs: Let me write that down.

The movie was 1/2 talking and babbling police/drug dealing jargons, while the other half had the typical characteristics of an action flick.

The second half was okay. The first half got me bored and confused.

“Probability is like gravity. You cannot negotiate with gravity.”
Sonny Crockett (Colin Farrell)

Aside from the speedy car chases, boat rides, I really enjoyed the last part of the movie where the good guys and the bad guys were shooting at each other. Splashing generously the internal organs and brains our skin delicately covers. It had no music background so it was 'raw'. You can actually hear the guns thundering away and internal organs being squashed, mutilated... you know what I mean.

The actors obviously killed the antagonist but the love-drama part wasn't a happy ending. I mean, why do two people have to let go even if they love each other? (Sorry, I'm a sucker for happy endings. This one didn't give one.)

Liked the leading lady, Gong Li. Some people say she's not at all beautiful.
But for me, she had all the X-factor - charisma - beauty - intelligence - witty look going...

Overall, it's an ok film (only on the later part of it). Recommended if you don't get bored easily.

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joelle said...

i think she's pretty too :)

medyo naging boring nga lang yung ibang parts. at bakit nga ba kailangan nilang maghiwalay sa huli. hahaha. :p